Mario Kart 8 Switch OLED bundle
You’re probably not going to get a better deal than this (Picture: Nintendo)

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There’s now an even better deal for a Switch OLED console and Mario Kart 8 but it may not last till the end of Black Friday.

Not only do Black Friday deals often go out of stock after a few days (thereby never actually making it to Black Friday) but as retailers see what prices their rivals are promoting, they tend to change theirs to compete.

Previously, the best Nintendo Switch bundle deal was the OLED Model and Mario Kart 8, plus three months of Nintendo Switch Online, for just £299.99 – which a number of different stores had at the same price.

Now, however, ShopTo has taken the same bundle and reduced the price to just £269.85, although given some of their other Black Friday deals it may not last for long.

ShopTo previously had the cheapest standalone PlayStation 5 console deal, at £359.95, but that’s now gone back up to £421.85. So the same thing could happen to this Switch bundle once it begins to sell out.

However, since it isn’t actually Black Friday yet, other retailers may still be holding back from their final price cuts. Although the probability is that we’ve seen most of the best bargains already.

Cyber Monday is much less of a thing than it used to be, now that Black Friday has taken over the whole month, but there’s still a chance there could be more and different deals then.

There are currently three models of Nintendo Switch – the original, Lite, and OLED Model – and there’s no sign of Nintendo discontinuing any of them, since they’re all sold at different price points, whether it’s Black Friday or not.

There is the possibility, some would say probability, that the Switch 2 will be released next year but it’s unlikely to be until autumn at the earliest.

It’s also perfectly possible the new console won’t be out until 2025, not least because most assumptions about Nintendo’s plans usually turn out to be wrong.

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