Caleb smirks while in the village in Emmerdale
It appears Caleb’s changed quite a bit! (Picture: ITV)

After doing some digging, Caleb Milligan (William Ash) was given the perfect opportunity to destroy Kim Tate (Claire King) in Thursday’s (November 23) episode of Emmerdale – but he never took it.

Don’t get us wrong, the old version of Caleb absolutely would’ve jumped at the chance to see Kim’s life in tatters, but the present day version of Caleb is one who’s actually worked hard to rebuild relationships with people he previously hurt and doesn’t want to jeapordise that.

This week, Caleb started to wonder whether Kim was involved in Craig Reed’s (Ben Addis) death.

A few weeks ago, Kim’s horse Ice bolted and attacked Craig, which caused him to die.

Cain (Jeff Hordley) arrived at the scene shortly after and made a pact with Kim, agreeing to keep the truth a secret to prevent them from heading behind bars.

Unaware that Cain was involved, Caleb was determined to get to the bottom of things.

But just as Caleb got very close to doing something about his suspicions, Cain told him what really happened.

Cain said to his brother that he could head to the police station and finally get the revenge he’s longed for, but that would also mean saying goodbye to the family unit he’s built up since arriving in the Dales.

Caleb speaks to Kim, who is on her horse in the village in Emmerdale
Caleb changed his mind about reporting Kim (Picture: ITV)

This left Caleb with quite the predicament.

On one hand, reporting Kim would be the perfect chance to get his own back after she left Frank Tate – Caleb’s dad – to die, but family is also incredibly important to Caleb, someone who grew up in care homes and never really had strong connections with his loved ones.

After Caleb agreed to keep quiet, Cain headed to the pub and updated Kim.

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While Cain believed his sibling wouldn’t say anything, Kim was certain it wouldn’t be long until Caleb was using this knowledge against the both of them.

But outside, just as Kim got into her car, Caleb approached and backed up Cain’s words.

He made a sly comment about getting her one day, and Kim responded by saying Caleb should hope she isn’t on horseback when/if that occurs.

It appears the feud has been put to bed for now, but given Kim and Caleb aren’t going to enjoy a drink in the pub together anytime soon, there’s every chance we could see them go head to head again in the future.

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