The dominatrix wants sex workers to finally be accepted – but she knows her ideas are controversial (Picture: LatexFashionTV)
The dominatrix wants sex workers to finally be accepted – but she knows her ideas are controversial (Picture: LatexFashionTV)

Countess Diamond has built hundreds of thousands of followers on OnlyFans, flitting between clients to help them express all manner of fetish or kink-based desires.

The Bristolian dominatrix is also fighting for the rights of sex workers.

She’ll soon be flying out to Brussels to give a parliamentary talk on what needs to change, such as a the creation of a ‘fairtrade alliance’ for porn workers to ensure the more murky sides of the industry see light.

Countess, speaking on’s Smut Drop podcast, says: ‘As soon as we [sex workers] say that we want to be treated equally, the rest of the world goes “well, we have due diligence, we have regulation, we have authorities, we have boards.” 

‘At the moment we don’t really have that in the porn industry. We are governed by each other and it’s word-of-mouth.’

35-year-old Countess also tells host Miranda Kane how she wants to see the porn industry regulated in the future, suggesting that there could be some sort of logo or symbol given to venues or studios to show they had been safely vetted for sex workers.

Countess Diamond
Countess Diamond wants to see a ‘fairtrade future’ for sex work (Picture: Countess Diamond)

However, Countess is aware her ideas may not go down well with everyone.

‘They’ll think I’m trying to santatise the industry’, she admits.

‘If that is a byproduct then I’m really sorry, but I feel like the only way we can really get accepted into society is to be as legitimate as the other industries.’

Another one of Countess’ ideas to shake up the industry is for successful porn stars to give back to those who may be struggling at the beginning of a, potentially turbulent, sex work career. 

The 35-year-old explains: ‘I’m going to make sure they’re protecting the other people in this industry. We have to be in this together. 

‘There’s findoms [fetish lifestyle activity in which a submissive is required to give gifts or money to a dominant] who claim to make £5,000 a day. Making all this money is fabulous but you need to be paying a bit of that back into the system which sustains your living. If you’re not doing that, you’re a d*** of a person.’

During her chat with Miranda, Countess also reflects on her own seven year career in the industry.

Countess Diamond
Countess began her career on OnlyFans (Picture: LatexFashionTV/Countess Diamond)

She recalls how when she started on OnlyFans as it launched in 2016, it was a ‘wild west’ of content which has since been clamped down on. Something she is adamant is best for the community.

Now, Countess says, she thrives on the ‘powerful’ connection she has during the intensity with her clients.

‘I’ve always been a little bit naughty, a bit sneaky,’ she says. ‘But I was drawn more initially to fetish-wear more than kink. I was obsessed with latex and the feel of it. It was all about aesthetics to begin with then I realised “oh hang on there’s also this whole heap of fun you can have that I don’t know about, I’m in.”

‘I found myself in a career where I can choose what to do and when to do it. I’ve been doing this for seven years now and I can’t wait for what the future holds.’

To support Countess’ journey towards a safer industry for sex workers, you can click here

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