The orange peel theory on TikTok is causing people to break up
The orange peel theory is causing people to break up (picture: Getty Images)

TikTok’s ‘orange peel theory’ has a lot of people questioning their relationships – and it’s even left a few break ups in its wake.

The concept is simple: if you partner does something for you, without being asked, that you could do yourself – like, say, peeling an orange – then they love you.

It comes after TikToker Jenna, who goes by @jennaskates, explained how her boyfriend had given her a box of egg whites separated from the yolks

Jenna, who lives to bake, had been telling her boyfriend she struggles to do this task herself due to her long nails.

The small – but very sweet – act, sparked a conversation about the ‘orange peel theory’, with commenters saying it was a perfect example of it.

TikToker Anna Birmingham, who shares relationship and life advice, shared why the theory is so important. She said: ‘Their response is indicative of much bigger things than merely peeling an orange.

‘Even a tiny thing like that can reveal so much about their attitude towards you and your relationship… The small things make up the big things.’

Now, people have been observing the behaviour of their significant others – and it’s been eye opening.

While many have been raving on TikTok about the wonderful little acts of service their significant other does for them, one girl took to Reddit to share her sadness after her boyfriend failed to ‘peel her orange’.

‘I asked him to tie my hair up for me and he looked at me and asked me why I couldn’t do it’, she said. ‘At first I thought that maybe he was intimidated by my long hair, however he has had long hair in the past and knew how to tie it up.

‘I asked him again, thinking it was just a fluke, but he told me that I could do it since I was in the kitchen and he needed to relax stating that he just got off work.’

She went on to say he works from home and he has plenty of energy to play games or go out with his friends.

‘Regardless,’ she added, ‘I honestly didn’t want to break up and thought it was dumb to throw a relationship away over a TikTok, until later in the day when I asked him if he could toss a towel in the dryer so I could be warm when I got out of the shower (since I forgot to do it myself).

‘Surprise surprise, he never did it and it just made me realise how much I do for him and his daughter, who is not even mine – I think I have fed, held, and changed her more than he has.’

She wondered if she was being unreasonable for thinking about ending her relationship over the orange peel theory – but others thought she needed to call time.

One commenter wrote: ‘The real proof of the theory here was that she felt like she needed to perform a test about this theory. When I saw a video about the orange peel theory I thought to myself, “hey that’s true, my partner and I both instantly and happily do little favours for each other all the time!”’.

But it’s not all bad news, other TikTokers who took to the platform to share their positive experiences.

TikToker Alex (@alexmatcha) said her boyfriend gives her her toothbrush in bed when she’s too sleepy, while Kiersten Rae (@kierstenindc) shared her boyfriend always does the dishes for her because he knows she hates doing it.

We’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

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