Quality Street a selection of 4 favourites chocolates by Nestle - the purple one, the green triangle, toffee finger & strawberry delight
The Nestlé chocolates are a Christmas classic (Picture: Alamy Stock Photo)

What’s your favourite chocolate in a tub of Quality Street?

If you’re a Green Triangle or Purple One fan, you may be left feeling short-changed.

Stephen Hull, who runs the Inequality Street X (formerly Twitter) account, has been auditing the flavours in Christmas treat tins for the last few years – and it seems there’s still quite a disparity in the varieties included.

Both Stephen and his followers count up how many of each chocolate are in each packet of Roses, Quality Street, Heroes and Celebrations, sharing the results in order to shame manufacturers into action.

With the festive season almost here, results from 2023’s options are starting to come in, leaving many disappointed with the inconsistencies.

When one person carefully examined their £4 box of Quality Street, they found nine Fudges and seven each of the Strawberry Delight, Toffee Finger and Caramel Swirl flavours.

Conversely, there were just four Milk Choc Blocks, Toffee Pennies and Green Triangles, along with five Chocolate Orange Crunches, Purple Ones and Coconut Eclairs.

Another counted just three Green Triangle and Milk Choc Blocks in their tub; paltry in comparison to the seven Strawberry Delights and Fudges they got.

Although some were still reeling about recent changes to the product’s packaging, others couldn’t get over the lack of their favourites.

‘Utter sh**e,’ commented a disgruntled shopper, while others blamed the cost of living crisis or said the situation had ‘ruined [their] Christmas’.

This has been an ongoing issue in the confectionery community, and in 2020 a Quality Street’s manufacturer, Nestlé, explained what was going on.

A spokesperson for the brand told Metro.co.uk: ‘We know that Quality Street fans feel passionately about their favourites, and we have procedures in place to help ensure that each of the 12 varieties are well represented within the mix.

‘And, for those who can’t resist a Caramel Swirl, or who’d love a tin of purely Purple Ones, our website allows you to pick and mix the sweets you love to create your perfect combination.’

What’s your favourite Quality Street chocolate? Have your say in the comments belowComment Now

Every tin of Quality Street is supposed to feature an even mix of three categories: fruit creme, chocolate, and toffee and fudge.

There are more options in the chocolate and toffee categories – meaning fewer of each one – but only two fruit cremes. As a result, you’ll notice Strawberry Delights and Orange Cremes are fairly common.

If you feel your favourites aren’t represented, it may be worth trying John Lewis’s pick-your-own service. Not only can you ensure your top picks are all present and correct, you can also get hold of limited edition flavours that aren’t available anywhere else.

Alternatively, just find someone to palm off the ones you hate on. Isn’t that what Christmas feasting is all about?

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