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Shelley and Pete have shared their secret to staying in the ‘honeymoon phase’ (Picture: SWNS)

A couple who’ve been together for years, but still live in separate apartments say it’s the secret to staying in the ‘honeymoon phase’.

After just a few months of dating Shelley Hunt, 40, and Pete Verge, 39, both knew they wanted to see more of each other.

But instead of moving in together, they decided to do something a little different and purchased a property with two apartments.

Four years on, the pair are as loved up as ever and still enjoy living in their separate spaces, with Pete and his three children in the upstairs three-bedroom apartment, and Shelley on the ground floor with her two sons. 

They each have their own kitchen and living space and do their own chores, but the two homes are linked by a door and they share a laundry room.

And it’s this room that the pair like sneak off too when they want to spontaneously have sex, while the kids are home.

Shelley Hunt's living area. Photo released November 23 2023. See SWNS story SWNJseperate. A couple say living in separate apartments for four years has kept them in the ?honeymoon phase? ? and they meet in the shared laundry room for sex. Shelley Hunt, 40, and Pete Verge, 39, had only been dating a few months when they found a property with two apartments and decided to buy it together.Now four years on, the pair are still loving the set-up, with Pete living upstairs in a three bedroom and two bathroom suite with his three children ? 11, eight and six. Shelley lives on the ground floor with her two boys ? 15 and 12 ? in a two bedroom and one bathroom suite.
Shelley lives in a downstairs apartment with her children(Credits: Shelley Hunt / SWNS)

The couple, from Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, claim their unique living arrangement is what’s kept their relationship ‘strong’ and ‘amazing’ over their four years together. 

Shelley, who works in community programming, said: ‘Every single person who knows us says we’re the most in love couple.

‘We adore each other. It still feels like we’re in a honeymoon phase.

‘I think our relationship is great. The way we choose to live has contributed massively to the longevity of the love in our relationship and with our kids.

‘I feel so lucky.’

Pete Verge's living area.
While Pete’s got the upstairs apartment with his three kids (Credits: Shelley Hunt / SWNS)

Pete, a business owner also praised their choice to have separate apartments, says that it allows them to ‘focus on the kids’.

And, he adds, as a bonus, they’ll be all set with their own space if for some reason the relationship doesn’t work out. 

Shelley agrees that their situation is what’s best for the children, saying: ‘It didn’t feel right for our kids to combine our families. Blending can be scary and uncomfortable.

‘This seemed like a good option. The kids stay in their separate spaces. We know what we’re responsible for. It’s easier to focus on the kids.’

She goes on to describe the two families as ‘ships passing in the night’ but admits she and Pete do share a bed whenever the children are away with their ex-partners.

Shelley Hunt and Pete Verge kissing
They say their set-up has made their relationship ‘stronger’ (Picture: Shelley Hunt / SWNS)

The pair also regularly have coffee together in the morning and enjoy going on lunchtime walks, but they don’t spend all their time together.

‘We’ll meet in the laundry room. It’s fun and spontaneous,’ says Shelley. ‘By the end of the week we’re dying to spend some time together.

‘It’s nice to miss somebody.’

The mum currently owns 42% of the house and pays $1,400 per month (£815) and Pete owns the remaining 58% – costing him $1,800 a month (£1,048) for the mortgage and all bills.

The couple plan to go travelling together when Pete’s children are old enough to leave home, but for now they’re happy in their separate apartments, as it works ‘incredibly’ well for them.

Pete added: ‘There’s an appreciation for each other when were not together. Our relationship is so special.’

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