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At, you can join the 57 million unique visitors a month (ABCs, November 2019) in enjoying a new way of thinking when it comes to a news site.

As well as giving you all the stories you need to know (from breaking news to the biggest sport stories), also has all the stories you want to know.

The content is written for and reaches a young, mobile-savvy metropolitan audience. In the UK, audiences are larger than those for Reddit, Buzzfeed, Vice, LadBibleGroup, UniLad or

Editorially separate from the print edition, this can take the form of the latest showbiz gossip, the funniest and oddest stories from around the world and the best opinion pieces, without a party political standpoint.

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Metro and adhere to the code of the Editor’s Code of Practice from IPSO.

Editor: Deborah Arthurs / 0203 615 1893

Executive editor: Richard Hartley Parkinson / 0203 615 0792

Assistant editor (Features director): Claie Wilson / 0203 615 4691

Assistant editor (Sport): James Goldman / 0203 615 2089

Project and Partnerships editor: Mel Evans

Head of Audience and Product Manager: Emily Shackleton

News editor : Rory McKeown / 0203 615 4034

Lifestyle editor: Rachel Moss

Social editor: Cameron Clark

First Person and Opinion editor: Jess Austin

Video editor: Chris Rickett / 0203 615 0530

Soaps editor: Duncan Lindsay / 0203 615 2340

Technology/science editor: Katherine Filder

Picture editor: Steven Lawrence / 0203 615 3072

SEO editor: Amy Duncan /  0203 615 0741

All commercial enquiries:

You can also contact desks at

A fuller list of contacts can be read here

If you just wish to get in touch with general comments/questions, contact and Metro Newspaper are part of DMG Media, the consumer media company of DMGT plc. Information about its leadership team can be found here and its structure/funding can be explored here.

If you want to read about Metro the physical newspaper, you can do so here.

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